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HOW TO: Check for Health Problems of Rams, Ewes and Lambs

Updated: Sep 1, 2021


Caseous Lymphadenitis

• Abscesses on the jaw, neck, front of the shoulder, or back leg;

• Often spread during shearing;

• Pus is thick, hard, and cheesy;

• Can develop systemic;

• There is no real treatment;

• Vaccinate ewe and ram lamb replacements.

Foot Rot

• Bacterial foot infection;

• Painful, debilitating infection; sheep are frequently seen on their knees;

• Infected hooves are often encased in manure, where the bacteria grows;

• Avoid purchasing any sheep with infected, misshapen feet with a foul odor, or who are lame;

• Treatment is time-consuming, expensive, and backbreaking.


• Sores are most commonly encountered on the lips, muzzle, and inside the mouth;

• Sores occur as blisters that grow into crusty scabs early in the illness;

• Can be transmitted onto ewe teats through sucking;

• No treatment, will heal up on its own.

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