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HOW TO: Nutrition and Feeding


  • Nutrients are necessary for goats' bodily maintenance, growth, and reproduction. Due to seasonal availability of feed resources, inadequate management, inappropriate grazing management, rangelands fires, and droughts, forage availability does not always match the nutrient requirements of the animals. Nutrients that are lacking in natural veld or browse are provided by supplements. Supplements come in powder form, commonly referred to as licks, meal form (such as HPC), or block form.

  • Commercially prepared supplements are available. Colostrum must be given to kids as soon as possible after birth because the percentages of antibodies and nutrients in colostrum decline after 48 hours. Colostrum is high in energy, vitamins, minerals, and antibodies, all of which help kids fight and resist diseases and infections.

  • Nutritional guidance based on body condition scoring:

• The body condition score (BCS) reflects good nutrition and, as a result, adequate body tissue for normal body functioning.

Body condition score (source: Dept. agriculture, forestry & fishery)

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